Setup: Staging, Electrical, Seating, etc 


Something to keep in mind, is that when your venue does not have a stage, is that a riser of 12-18 inches, while not at all mandatory, can enhance your guest’s enjoyment, as the band will not disappear from view as the guests take to the dance floor, thus affording a more interactive band/guest experience. Many hotels & clubs have something available, and risers can most always be rented. 

HOWEVER, we completely understand that in some venues & spaces, using risers isn’t practical – nor is it the best thing for your party & the overall room layout – which is always our #1 consideration. 

ASK US!! – call or email us so we can help you decide what is best – which we ALWAYS do in coordination with the venue to ensure a seamless & coordinated approach. 

For larger rooms & many corporate events – conventions – balls & VERY large weddings A Two-tiered riser looks most dramatic & professional & as such is preferred. 


4 piece band preferred size 12′ x 24′ (minimum ±10’x12′) NOTE: for larger venues- Please contact us.

10 to 12+ piece band preferred size 16’x24′ 
minimum ±12’x20’or 10’x24′ 

If you can’t get these dimensions, contact us !!! we may be able to implement very tricky “shoehorn strategies” L.O.L. 


try to have the dance floor right in front of the area where the band is to be set up. Do not, when at all possible, put tables in between the band and the dance floor. Our connecting and interacting with your guests during dancing always makes for a better party! 


Think, when possible, about seating those who may be most affected by the volume of the band the farthest away, and vice-versa. Even though our volume level is infinitely controllable, and we are very accomodating and flexible, there may be some who, no mater how soft it is, find it “too loud”. Even when we’re not playing  Consider not seating these folks right next to the speakers. This will make the evening more fun for everyone. 


Two Standard 20AMP Circuits (120 VOLTS, 20AMP – 15 AMP minimum) within 25′ of band area. FOR LARGE ROOMS – Please contact us. Usually in small to medium rooms, getting power is not a problem, but please at least consider the location of electrical power when deciding where to locate the band. THANKS! 

• Need more info or have other questions? Message Us or call us 24/7: (408) 824-5868 • (510) 299-7525 for answers!